About Me

I'm just a girl with a Gammill and I know how to use it!

I am a professional longarm quilter and designer.  My quilting journey began in November of 2008 when my mother suggested I give it a shot.  I thought she was totally nutso, but variety is the spice of life, right?  I saw a Gammill quilting machine for the first time, and I dove right in.  Quilting is cool!  A few months later, I pieced my first quilt top which became my first start-to-finish project.  While my mother didn't teach me to quilt, I do owe credit to her for making a seemingly insane suggestion and helping me to find what I never thought I would love.

I have competed and exhibited internationally, my work has appeared in several publications, I have worked with several designers and authors and I love traveling to teach at shows, shops and guilds. I also travel with Gammill Quilting Systems, as one of their Quilting Artists to have a little fun in the booth giving demos for attendees.

My main goal is to encourage others that they can do whatever they dream of.  You are only limited by your fears, so squash them like a bug and do something!

You can read more about my needle adventures at my blog, at thatcrazyquiltygirl.blogspot.com